timothy institute

The Timothy Institute is a class for men who are interested in learning how to prepare and preach gospel-centered, expository sermons. Through the Timothy Institute we desire to equip men who feel compelled to teach God's word in a more formal setting, whether that's through youth ministry, small groups/classes, pulpit opportunities, elder roles, or perhaps even a future ministry in a full time, vocational pastorate.

These classes involve intense, seminary-level instruction regarding the art of preaching, both in theory and practice, and in a broad level of applications. There is a high level of reading, guest and pastoral lectures, and "preaching labs" where the student has opportunities to take what he learns and present a sermon in front of his peers.

The Timothy Institute is a unique opportunity, and it's designed specifically for those who can be completely dedicated to it in order to be properly equipped to employ preaching in a ministry setting. 

The Timothy Institute offers 4 tracks, 1 year at a time.

  • Track One: Biblical Preaching 1
  • Track Two: Pastoral Shepherding 1
  • Track Three: Biblical Preaching 2
  • Track Four: Pastoral Shepherding 2
  • February 3, 2024: The Profile of a Biblical Preacher

    March 23, 2024: The Foundations of Biblical Preaching

    May 18, 2024: The Strategies of Biblical Preaching—1

    June 29, 2024: Practicum-Manuscript Review // Guest Lecture

    August 10, 2024: The Strategies of Biblical Preaching—2

    September 21, 2024: The Gospel Focus of Biblical Preaching

    November 2, 2024: Practicum-Sermon Delivery

    December 14, 2024: The Practical Tips of Biblical Preaching // Guest Lecture

  • Track One will require the following textbooks for reading, discussion, and assignments. Please purchase them as you desire (digitally or paperback/hardback). 

    1. MacArthur, John. Preaching: How to Preach Biblically. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2009. ISBN: 978-1-4185-0004-7
    2. Chapell, Bryan. Christ-Centered Preaching. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2018. ISBN: 978-0-801099-74-8
    3. Millar, Gary. Campbell, Phil. Saving Eutychus: How to Preach God’s Word and Keep People Awake. Matthias Media, 2022. ISBN: 978-1-925424-86-7