pastorAL TEAM

  • Jonathan Blankenship

    Lead Pastor

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    Jonathan returned to his hometown of Charlotte in 2008 to re-launch Laurel Baptist Church. He was raised in a pastor's home and began following Christ at a young age. Jonathan has earned a Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Ministry and a Master's degree in Biblical Studies, and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree in Counseling. He is passionately committed to expository preaching, having an intense desire to make the word of God fully known so that the people of God might be fully mature (Colossians 1:28-29). He and his wife Kathleen were married in 2004, and they have 4 children: Kate, Keegan, Ellie, and Jayden. 



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    Harold came to Laurel in 2023 to oversee our pastoral care and counseling ministry, coordinate events and missions, and assist in the teaching and preaching ministry of the church. He and his wife Peggy have been married for 44 years, and they have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Pastor Harold has been in pastoral ministry for over 40 years serving as the Lead Pastor in churches in WV, TN, and NC. His wisdom, experience, humility and heart has brought to our church exciting new opportunities for spiritual growth and discipleship. He loves helping young preachers, and is passionate about telling others the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • Malcom Perez

    Spanish Pastor

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    Malcom came to Laurel in 2023 from Matagalpa, Nicaragua. In addition to overseeing our maintenance work, he serves pastorally to the Spanish ministry (Iglesia Bautista Laurel).  Malcom became a follower of Jesus as a teenager and later enrolled in the Bible college at Global Bible University, where he graduated with a B.A. degree in Bible and Pastoral Ministry. Prior to coming to the United States he served as both an Assistant Pastor and Lead Pastor/Church Planter in Nicaragua. He is passionate about reaching the Latin American culture in our community.

support team

  • Kathleen Blankenship


    Kathleen is the wife of our Lead Pastor, Jonathan. Along with  serving the members of our church with her husband, she also directs our music ministry which involves coordinating the efforts of both our instrumentalists and vocalists. Additionally, she works in our office to assist in carrying out the day to day administrative needs of the pastoral team. She graduated with a B.A. degree in Bible & Education, and she and Jonathan were married in 2004. They have four children: Kate, Keegan, Ellie, and Jayden.