Teen Equip

We believe the best place for Christian teenagers to develop relationships that will help encourage and sharpen them for years to come is at church. Our teen equip ministry is designed to provide community, Bible teaching, and mission opportunities so that our teenagers will be equipped as passionate followers of Jesus Christ. 

While our teens worship with our adults in the auditorium on Sundays and Wednesdays, they have their own unique fellowship one afternoon each month. These fellowships involve activities, Bible studies led by our Teen Pastor, and time together with other Christian teens. In addition, we host several unique events throughout the year to help young people develop lasting friendships that are centered on the gospel. You will also have special opportunities to serve in our church ministry now and share the gospel through world mission's trips during the summer. 

As with all of our student ministries we want parents to know that your teen's physical safety and spiritual care is our first priority. Our Teen Pastor has dedicated himself to provide you and your family spiritual counsel and direction in this season of your life, and all the volunteers who work with our teens have been both trained and vetted through official background checks.