teen equip calendar of events

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...

equip with community

We believe that the best place for Christian teenagers to develop relationships that will help encourage and sharpen them for years to come is at church. In addition to our weekly Teen Bible Study we host several unique events throughout the year to help young people develop lasting friendships. 

  • Monthly Activities - Every month we have at least one activity, typically on Friday or Saturday, for teens to enjoy. Sometimes they are day trips like snow tubing in the NC mountains, sometimes they are related to serving like hosting a dinner for widows, and sometimes they are totally unique like Couch Wars. You can find more about what is coming up on the calendar below.
  • Major Events - Each year we have a number of major events in addition to the monthly activities. They are typically during the summer and winter school breaks and include winter retreats, summer camps, and special youth conferences.
  • Aftershock Nights - Aftershock is a special teen fellowships that takes place after the evening worship service once a month. Teens meet in the Fellowship Hall for dinner and games. These events are some of the best opportunities for building community among our teens.

equip with bible study

Faithful study of the Bible is the foundation of everything we do in Teen Equip. More than anything else, our goal is to equip teenagers to know, understand, and love the truths of God's Word. There are a number of ways that we endeavor to do this.

  • Teen Bible Study - This Bible study takes place every Wednesday evening from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. We always begin with refreshments and fellowship, we continue with personal testimonies, and then focus in on preaching the Bible systemically chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Our current study is verse by verse through the book of Nehemiah.
  • #EveryDayWithJesus - Every week we challenge teenagers to do something every single day in regards to personal Bible study and prayer--spending time with Jesus every day. During our Teen Bible Study on Wednesday evenings we take time for teens to share with everyone else how the Lord worked on their heart that week in their devotions. We also encourage them to post those special moments on social media using #EveryDayWithJesus