What is the men of theology class?

The men of theology class is a monthly meeting where men are taken through a systematic summary of Bible doctrines. Not only do we dive deeper into the essential doctrines of scripture, but we use these discoveries biblically as a means to exhort one another in faithfulness and holiness as followers of Jesus.

This class involves extensive reading, research in the class text, and accountability with our study. Over the course of time we study core doctrines such as:

  • Bibliology: God’s Word
  • Theology Proper: God the Father
  • Christology: God the Son
  • Pneumatology: God the Spirit
  • Anthropology & Hamartiology: Man and Sin
  • Soteriology: Salvation
  • Angelology: Angels
  • Ecclesiology: The Church
  • Eschatology: The Future

Additionally, our pastor desires to use this class as a means of developing future leaders of our church to become grounded in their theological understanding and practical church training. This will involve studies for practical church ministries such as:

  • How to Share the Gospel Faithfully
  • How to Counsel Biblically
  • How to Preach and Teach Biblically
  • How to Shepherd Biblically

when DOes the men of theology class meet?

This class meets once a month on a scheduled Saturday for 2 to 3 hours. If you would like to be a part of this class or discover when the next segment of classes begin, please speak with our Lead Pastor. 

The Men of Theology class is designed for members of LBC who are committed to the weekly worship services and ministries of the church.