Registration Questions:

What meals are included? 

Each registration includes dinner on Tuesday night, lunch on Wednesday, and dinner at Carowinds on Thursday. Each teen will also receive three breakfast snack items with their registration packet. (Group leaders will need to provide dinner on Wednesday and lunch on Thursday)

What's included with Registration?

Access to all conference services, participation in the QCYC kickball tournament, day passes to Carowinds amusement park, the meals referenced above, and a conference packet including all necessary information, name badge, and a T-shirt. Room registration also includes access to the Great Wolf Lodge's indoor water park. 

What should my group wear?

We want each of your teens to feel comfortable wearing what they would normally wear to your youth group. Most of our teens will be in T-shirts and shorts for the conference. 

We would request that your group abide by the waterpark guidelines for dress. Both guys and girls are asked to wear swim shorts and colored t-shirts when using the waterpark. Traditional women's swimsuits/bikinis may not be worn. All participants must make an attempt to dry their clothing before leaving the waterpark or wear a coverup. Guys and girls will have separate, designated times in the waterpark during the conference. 

What is the Great Wolf Lodge like?

The Great Wolf Lodge is a vacation resort that families visit for fun year round. From the indoor waterpark, arcade, and attractions to the restaurants, coffee, and gift shops inside, our groups have thoroughly enjoyed having the conference hosted in the lodge. 

What are Hibernation Hours?

The Great Wold Lodge has asked that we observe their "hibernation hours" that begin each night at 11:00PM. This is a simple request to keep noise to a minimum in rooms and hallways so that guests not attending the conference can enjoy their time at the resort. 

Where/When to Check-In?

Check-in begins at 4:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon in the Great Wolf Lodge Conference Center Lobby. The Conference Center entrance is on the left end of the lodge property. To help check-in run smoothly, please have one sponsor pick up the registration packets for your entire group. 

Is the room included in the registration fee?

The cost of the room is not included in the individual registration cost. Everyone attending the Queen City Youth Conference is required to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC. Rooms will be automatically assigned to your group based on the number of male and female attendees that you register. Your rooms will only be occupied by members from your group. Each room sleeps up to six people, and rooms will be assigned for every six attendees of a specific gender. The charge for each room is $600. This includes all three nights, hotel taxes and fees, access to the Great Wolf Lodge attractions, and access to the Great Wolf Lodge Conference Center. For more information, see Registration Information. 

Can I add people later?

Yes! You can add registrants, even at separate times until June 1, 2021. After June, 1, no additions may be made due to the policies and agreements that we have with the Great Wolf Lodge. 

What are the services like?

The overarching purpose of the conference is to provide sound, Biblical preaching from preachers who are committed to faithfully expounding the Scriptures. We have organized our services to focus in on worship and preaching. We have done our best to cut out the fluff to keep our services short and focused on the Word of God.