What are virtual fellowships?

Virtual Fellowship Groups are a way for members of our church to connect with each other for a scheduled time of conversation, prayer, and scripture reading during the COVID-19 crisis. Fellowship times will only last for 30 minutes. For the time being, we will reset these fellowships weekly, so sign up each week if you would like to spend time with a specific group. Please only sign up for one fellowship per week to allow as many of our members to be involved as possible. It's so important during this time of physical separation that we remain connected to one another for spiritual encouragement. Sign up to join a fellowship today!

when do virtual fellowships meet THIS WEEK?

the  fellowships are for Sunday, May 17, 2020.

  • Men's Fellowship

    Pastor Blankenship

    3:00 PM


    Type content here...

  • Ladies Fellowship

    Kathleen Blankenship

    5:00 PM


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how Do I join a virtual fellowship?

1. Sign up for a specific fellowship time on the church website.

2. Download the free version of the Zoom (video chat) app on your phone or computer before the scheduled fellowship.

3. Receive a link via e-mail/text from the fellowship leader.

4. Click on the link to join the video chat a few minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

5. Enjoy this time of fellowship by being able to see and talk with one another.

*Note: Remember that this is a video chat, not Facebook live. Other members in the group will be able to see and interact with you in real time.